Family Portal
Create a Film


  1. Can you combine photos and videos in one film? Yes!
  2. Can you make a film of only photos? Yes! The amount of photos you should upload can be found in the film descriptions.
  3. What if all my footage is vertical? That is ok! It won’t fill up the full screen, but we’ll crop it horizontal or add a blurred background when possible.
  4. Do you have ideas on what is good video to record while on my vacation? There are a ton of tips, tricks, and inspiration on our Instagram page.
  5. What if I can’t narrow down the best videos and photos for my film? Don’t worry about it! I can do all of that for you!
  6. Do you use every single clip? We do not, we find the best moments and use those in your film. If you have some “must-haves” you can email us after ordering or uploading.
  7. Can I have a film with every clip back to back with no editing? Yes! Send me and email for custom pricing for that service.
  8. Can I choose the music myself? Or can you use my favorite song from the radio? Due to copyright law, we cannot use mainstream music. But, we’ve made it our mission to find the best of the best music out there. Our library has over 10,000 songs, so if you have a strong preference about a specific song or genre, feel free to communicate that after ordering.The specialized music libraries we work with feature incredibly talented artists with a vast repertoire from which we choose. We assure you, it’s not my uncle in his basement.If you don’t have a song or genre in mind, don’t worry! We’ve been told we have a special knack for finding the right song for your family’s video 🙂
  9. But I have a TON of photos and videos. How many can I really upload? Each film has a suggested range of uploads. This has been carefully chosen based on hundreds of edits and what we know can best be fit into that time and tell a great story! Our longest film, the Heirloom, has a limit of 450 videos. If you have more than that, we suggest purchasing multiple films, or spending some time choosing your absolute favorites!
  10. I know I want a film, but what if I have no idea what to order? Please email us and we are happy to help walk you through what film is the best fit.
  11. How do you get the finished film to me? Can I have a DVD? You will be given a Google Drive link to the finished film. You can then upload to Vimeo, YouTube, social media (be sure to tag us!) and even burn onto a DVD. I recommend the company
  12. How do I upload my footage? This can be done on your phone or desktop! The desktop is the fastest method, but a majority of our families choose to use their phones.
  13. I am having a hard time uploading my footage into the family portal. Help! We are happy to help troubleshoot! First step is to watch this video, especially if you use iCloud. If you use Amazon Photos or Google Photos feel free to just send us a shared link to your footage!