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Thank you Kalee! I cannot even begin to articulate how much we value these videos. The kids watch them DAILY!

-The Blandon-Hernandez Family

Oh my goodness. Kalee!!! This is incredible. My 16 year old who is the hardest to please ever (teenagers) squealed and was said it was the best thing ever!! Truly worth every dang penny and we will be back again and again. You are so gifted! Thank you so very much. Going now to download and watch a million more times.

-The Tanner Family

Oh my gosh, KALEE!! These are absolutely incredible, you are pure magic!! I feel like you went on these trips with us - the attention to detail was impeccable - you captured all the best moments!! When I saw that you even found the 3 seconds (if even that long) of footage of Camryn waving down to me from the top of the church, and then me waving up to her...HOW did you even piece that together in the sea of footage I sent over?! You have such a gift!! I love them both so much, and the music choices...just everything. I loved everything! I can't wait to play these for my husband and daughters. BEST MONEY IVE EVER SPENT!!!

-The Hawes Family

Thank you soooo much!! You’ve really outdone yourself, this is one of my favorites to date! I don’t know how you manage to extract all the gems from my mess of clips, but you always do. I’m so grateful for you and the memories you are preserving for our family.

-The Burgstahler Family